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AuraBuddy encourages your child to practise often and on a regular basis. Questions are delivered in bite-sized cards so your child stays engaged.

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Our practice questions are designed to be delivered in an engaging manner, taking the dullness out of repetitive practising.

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Our adaptive algorithm ensures that questions of suitable difficulty are delivered to your child, ensuring learning takes place without discouraging the learner.

Learning methodology that is engaging

Imagine a learning platform that your child wants to come back to every day.

Now imagine how much that will help to improve your child's learning.

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Quality content

AuraBuddy contents are created in conjunction with tutors teaching the Singapore curriculum so students receive relevant, up-to-date content, tailored to the card-delivery format.

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Bite-sized delivery

Our contents are meticulously designed for bite-sized delivery so students can learn quickly and easily with just a few minutes a day, anytime, anywhere, on any platform.

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